December 3, 2019

Welcome to my website!!! Feb 2020 

I’m very excited to be finally sharing my first post after a very long time of this website being live. The reason I have taken so long to create my first post is because I just didn’t know where to start. I have so much to share and I couldn’t decide what was fitting for my first post. So as a lot of the clothes I wear says, I'm going to 'Just do it'. So, here it is, a big welcome and introduction to this site and myself! 

When I first created this website I described myself as “An Aussie teenager.” I’ve since had my birthday sooo, I’m not a teenager anymore. I don't think I will ever get used to that, I'm still 12 at heart. Yes I feel old (but I try to remind myself one day I will look back and think damn 20 is young) 

Anyway…here is a' little bit' about me and what to expect from my website!!! 

Firstly, writing a ‘little bit’ is hard for me because I am the opposite of brief. Anyone who knows me knows sometimes I just can’t shut up. I should have my own radio show because I could talk non stop for days. 

Secondly, I'm going to write some dot points about me to make this easier: 

  • I found my passion and purpose in athletics running 400m and hurdles when I was 15. I started the sport pretty late (competing aged 15, and training aged 16) but I was obsessed and IN LOVE. Ahh the pure joy and love I found running and competing. I’ll dedicate some blog posts to this… 
  • I became interested in health and fitness and following a healthy lifestyle as it complimented & was part of being an athlete, I enjoyed it very much and have learnt a lot over the years and of course I am still learning every day as anyone who keeps an open mind and continually looks to better themselves does! 
  • I love nature, beautiful things make me feel content and happy like a burning sunset or soft sunrise, an ocean breeze, a starry sky. Birds chirping in the morning. I feel like this was a very random dot point.          
  • When I was 14 I was scouted by a modelling agency who did a test shoot and I thought it was the coolest thing ever and I had so much fun getting my hair and make up done and changing locations. Later they told me I wasn’t tall enough and needed to grow lol. Since then I’ve done some modelling and tried to get into it but its been pretty slow. It's also something I want to do in a positive way as I know that industry can be - let just say - negative. I do think you need to be a strong person and really have a strong relationship with yourself to be in some of the environments that being in that industry may involve and that is something I am working on myself! 
  • I love creating healthy new recipes and am quite a foodie tbh. I’m also a pretty BOMB chef, even if I do say so myself. #wifeme (pls someone lol) I have plenty of awesome recipe posts to share here and on my youtube of course! #Healthy/vegan/GF/DF ... #wegetit
  • I love a good brunch date 
  • I am a highly strung and intense person 
  • I am also a very dedicated, disciplined and hard working person. 
  • I believe that if you truly believe in yourself and keep fighting and never give up, you can achieve your dreams, you can achieve anything. (If you thought oh ya can I go to pluto then!? or something like that, then c'mon, ya know that’s not what I mean) Tell yourself "someones gotta do it.” So why can’t that someone be you!? I haven’t always had this mindset, I slowly adopted it over the years but I’ve learnt that you HAVE to trust in the process and trust in yourself. Everyone’s journey is different. Trust in yours and keep believing. 
  • I am very competitive and hard working. Sometimes too much so. 
  • If I want something I will work for it 
  • If I want a 99 ATAR, I’m getting one. (Obvs I wanted 98.80 okayyy haha) 
  • I focus on being as positive as I can and I do believe your attitude influences the life you have. You can’t always control the situation you're in but you can control how you respond and see them. 
  • I can be a legit weirdo sometimes.  I’m actually pretty crazy and yes, I will cringe at myself, but at the same time if someone hates on you, then who cares what they think. The ones who love you won’t mind, and the ones who mind don’t matter. 
  • Something I am a big advocate for is talking about mental health and nourishing and fostering good mental health. Lots more about this to come.
  • Open your eyes and ears (listen to the peaceful sounds) and watch the waves crash over you next time you go for a swim at the beach. Yes, I open my eyes under water and no, I’m not blind, you’ll be fine (seriously try it, it’s beautiful). Another random point. 
  • And here for my ‘very long point I am trying to keep brief that I will dedicate a post on but it’s important for me to include’ dot point. During year 12 I got a stress fracture (navicular if anyone cares lol) from training and it ended up being pretty bad. I was on crutches for close to 5 months and my calf completely wasted away. In this time I cross trained every day (in the pool or gym) and kept fighting to be fit and comeback to my sport. At the time this was my first big injury and it honestly broke my heart. Towards the end of year 12 after some other difficult things happening in my life on top of the HSC stress and my existential crisis of turning 18 and graduating  I started to experience some mental health struggles. The summer after graduating this got much worse and to top it off I was still in immense pain when I walked and ran, so I was really struggling with running (which, as I mentioned was my PURPOSE and passion) I had this idea that if I smashed myself training in every way possible (gym/ bike/pool/ circuits/ strength) I could be some kind of machine and gun and come back to my sport, but of course overtraining will deteriorate your performance and health - recovery is ESSENTIAL. (I’ll dedicate posts to this too!!!) I have always enjoyed a healthy diet but this just got out of control and my idea of ‘healthy’ was so intense, fearful and restrictive it was plain old unhealthy. I was obsessing over food and training and my body. I got ripped AF. Well, that sounds like it was cool and like it was ok, but it dead set wasn’t. I basically lost so much weight, I had next to no body fat and I was training all the time so I had a 6 pack and ‘looked’ strong and lean. Until it got even worse and I started to look sick.It got to the point I was afraid of most foods, I was so anxious and stressed all the time and I would hate myself if I hadn’t trained for hours each day. Oh by the way my performance deteriorated, I wasn’t getting ANYTHING out of all this ’training and eating SUPER 'healthy' ’ Instead my mental health really suffered. (and physical of course). I experienced some deep depression that year and wasn’t in a good place physically or mentally. I have been so so so lucky to have so many amazing friends and family who have supported me through the past few years and I’m so glad I am on the other side of this and typing this up now. I’m not finished healing mentally or physically by any means but the future is so much brighter then that time. This is something that I have shared a lot about through my youtube channel and I’ve loved using this platform to help and connect with other people, whether that be help with mental health in regards to struggling with anorexia, or even tips and advice for studying and succeeding in the HSC, training and fitness knowledge or healthy recipes. I know this dot point was very long winded and unfinished, but I will be sharing a lot more about my story in time. For now, to stop making this too ridiculously long I’ll leave this point with some inspiring and positive stuff - Remember to take everything with a grain of salt. Stop comparing yourself or your journey to other people, every single being is so very unique, trust your journey will work out for you, and love your own uniqueness. Stop picking at yourself and give up the habit of speaking negatively to yourself. Speak to yourself with kindness and love. Every time you think something negative about yourself force yourself to turn it around and find something you do like, focus on that. But more than that, VALUE who you are as a person more than how you look. Remember how you look is only temporary - we all grow old - so while you’re young (or old), while you’re ALIVE spend this time actually being ALIVE and having FUN rather than obsessing over the temporary state of your physical being, or fitting this idea of being ‘perfect’. Listen to Hannah Montana. Nobody’s perfect. What does ‘perfect’ even mean anyway. Finding the perfection in imperfections because you love something or someone is more important. 
  • And Last but not least, I graduated high school in 2017 and I started my youtube channel in 2018. I was pretty embarrassed to first post because I felt cringey AF and I could just imagine people cringing and judging on the other side of a screen. But then I just yolo’d and just as the sports bra I was probably wearing said ‘just do it’.. Last year, I started to enjoy it a lot and really get into using it, sharing my life and connecting with people. This year I’ve really been working a lot on it, getting more consistent, and spending lots of my time creating content and editing. I have been really enjoying using this platform and I have so much to share and I feel like I can share particular topics in more depth and compliment my channel on this website. So a BIG welcome to my website.  I am so very appreciative for your support! I hope you can join me on this journey and I hope it may bring you positivity and joy in some way :) :) :) Much love, Imi xxx